GAM Precision is a Woman Owned CNC machine shop. We are Customer and Technology driven with a passion for Quality.

Our Lancaster, PA 20,000 square feet climate controlled facility is equipped with Ultra-Modern cutting edge machinery with focus on using latest 9 axis and Multi-Task machining with very close tolerances.

GAM is able to take jobs that have been ran on costly, multi-machine production lines and simplify them by using minimal machines and material handling to increase quality efficiency and reduce COST. Every style of machine, from lathe turning, vertical milling, to our state of the art 9 axis combination mill and lathe machines, can be utilized in our in house machine shop.

GAM machine shop also operates using 3D modeling software and advanced machining software to not only ensure efficient real life machine time, but also to troubleshoot any major problems before a part is ever placed in the machine.

Gam’s interest in keeping up to date with machining technologies points us in the direction of rapid expansion and continued growth for many years to come.
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